Salish Sea Hospice Project

The Project is a meaning-making proposition, deeply personal when it's your turn to die, compassionate when you sit with others as they die.

Non-ordinary states of awareness are the dream pathways that dying people search for at death.

Dreams are the energetic pathways that connect physical and the non-physical realms. Dying people look for these pathways to make the transition out of life in a body/mind. We can help them find them find a path. This is the death care called Dreamwalking.

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Dying folks have an obligation to show the rest of us how to die.

How else do we learn? The dilemma of modern times is this: most of us arrive at our death not knowing how to die. There are few models for dying whole but plenty for fighting, holding on, bargaining for more time. This is the madness of a culture disconnected with the end.

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Companioning A Death Transition is a skill set, a teaching, a path for dying whole.

Companioning A Conscious Death is a way to show up and be present with the death of others. The teaching will speak of human stories and their ending. It offers practical tools in the endeavor to release the story and die whole.

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Death in an old energy world is characterized by struggle, disease, dementia, over medication. Dreamwalker™ Death Transitions acknowledges the time is right for a deeper understanding of death and its place in life.





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